How It Works

  1. CHECKOUT Checkout Select an eGift, set your recipient's details, and pay by credit card.
  2. Send We'll send the eGift code instantly to your recipient.
  3. Delight Recipient goes to store with the eGift code to enjoy your gift.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is an eGift Certificate?

    eGift Certificate is your most convenient option when you want to send gifts to your loved ones back in the Philippines. Basically, it is a digital version of a Gift Certificate. It is a paperless gift certificate which can be purchased by Overseas Filipinos like you via

  2. How is it different from a traditional Gift Certificate?

    Instead of sending a Gift Certificate in paper form, your family or friends (the beneficiary/ies) back home will receive the eGift Certificate with a unique code. The code will be presented to avail products or services from partner merchants. To make the experience more personal, you may send the eGift Certificate with a customized message.

  3. How do my beneficiaries receive the eGift Certificate and how quick do they receive it?

    The eGift Certificate will have a unique code and this code will be sent to your beneficiary via text or email. Your beneficiary will receive the code, 120 minutes after your order has been approved. You also have the option to set the delivery date if you want the eGift Certificate sent at a later date.

  4. Where can my family and friends use the eGift Certificate?

    Your beneficiaries can use the eGift Certificate at designated merchant stores in the Philippines. You and your beneficiaries may check the merchant's page to check which branches accept eGift Certificates. eGift Certificates may also be used at select online stores of partner merchants.

  5. What does my beneficiary need to do and bring when he/she wants to use his/her eGift Certificate?

    Your beneficiary must present the eGift Certificate code to the store manager or staff for validation. The code may be given verbally or presented through a mobile phone or a printout. For security and record keeping, your recipient may be asked to present a valid ID.

  6. Does the eGift Certificate expire?

    eGift Certificate does not expire. However, in cases wherein merchants offer special promotions with a validity period, the merchants will be responsible in notifying the customers about the promo period, as stated in the terms and conditions.

  7. What if the eGift Certificate code is lost? How do I retrieve it?

    If your beneficiary lost the code, email us at Indicate the mobile number and/or email address where the code was initially sent. The eGift Certificate will only be resent after our support team verifies the mobile number or email address and if the eGift Certificate has not been used at the merchant store.

  8. I bought an eGift Certificate, why does it say 'Giftaway' in my credit card statement?

    Giftaway is the owner and operator of this online service. You will either see 'Paypal' or 'Giftaway' in your credit card statement, so you don't need to worry if you see either names.

    Merchants may have supplementary terms and conditions on how eGift Certificates will be used at their stores. It is best to check the merchant's page by visiting their page by clicking the link in the email or SMS containing the eGift Certificate code. Your beneficiaries may also call the merchant or email